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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vaccination - The Hidden Truth

Many people ask what to do about vaccination. I leave you with several videos to make you think about it and decide...

Excellent Australian documentary from 1998, showing surprising facts and data, not well known and pointing what could be one of the greatest mistakes from medical history
and one of the biggest scams perpetuated by human society.

"From information from studies of qualified medical journals, written by vaccinators, vaccines don´t prevent diseases, they create diseases. They turn the vaccinated people more susceptible to the disease that the vaccine is supposed to prevent and to several bacteriologic and viral infections. Vaccines cause allergies, sensibility to certain foods and chemical substances, being irrefutable the causal relation between the application of vaccines and  the collateral effects caused. Being cerebral damage or death, it's all well documented." Dr. Viera Scheibne

Watch the Videos