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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2nd Dinner in Buddinge, Søborg

Today I went to a nice supermarket just bellow the flat where I live. First some friends told me to avoid because of prices but as I was a bit tired from "running around" in Copenhagen I decided to have a look and buy some stuff I needed.

For my surprise the prices are cheaper compared Portugal, where life standards are much lower. And for the best, they have a great selection of organic food that rivals the best Portuguese supermarkets, at a very reasonably price. Bought some and made a nice dinner - maybe not the best gourmet design but taste was great.

Here it goes...

Carrots, Courgette, Parsnip and Avocado as the base.

Mixed the base in food processor 

Added a few (previously) soaked Almonds, a few Mushrooms, fresh Coriander (growing in the kitchen), Ice Lettuce in strips and other formats (lol).

Topped with Goji Berries, a few slices of Cocumber and my "secret recipe" of  Himalayan Salt mixed with Superfoods, some Olive Oil, a fork and a nife...and ...was very nice.