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My name is Luís Guerreiro

I am from Portugal but I live now in Copenhagen.

As a teenager I started a research on diet in order to compensate for various health problems, went through macrobiotics,lacto-ovo-vegetarian and 2002 discovered Living Foods.
I decided to deepen my knowledge and participated in courses taught by Jill Swyers from Hippocrates Institute and dozens of workshops with Tony Samara, a living master and teacher of life.
With Tony I learned not only about good nutrition but also meditation and spirituality, and participated in some detox retreats, including 40 days fasting in Egypt in 2004.

I lived some time in Brazil (April 2007 - June 2008) where I participated in several studies on raw nutrition.

In Belo Horizonte undertoke various initiatives to disseminate Raw Living Food s with the nutritionist Jacqueline Pereira.

In Ecocentro IPEC was responsible for food preparation and nutrition for some of the courses.

In Foz do Iguaçu was consultant to the Institute IDEIAS, FDAP and Spa Alma Verde.

In Portugal I promoted events about Healthy Living, and participates in several projects including the development of seaweed dishes with ALGAMAR, organizing workshops and lectures.

In Denmark I intend to carry on working with Living Raw Foods and promote this style of Vibrant Life.