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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Vegetarian Survival in Copenhagen

If you are vegetarian visiting Denmark you can easily find something to eat. Even beeing a carnivore friendly country there are many veggie options available.

The standard Danish diet consists of a lot of meat and fish but many restaurants do offer vegetarian alternatives on their menus. 

Recently several Raw Food restaurants opened in Copenhagen and there is an interesting choice of dishes to choose from.

There are plenty of shops and supermarkets selling all types of fruit, seeds, etc, and prices are quite reasonable, most have organic choices, look for products with the word økologiske.

Interesting: 3 Million Danish Survived Well on a Vegetarian Diet during War

Vegetarian Experiment
with a Population of 3 million

The effect of Food Restriction on Mortality in Copenhagen during War
M. Hindhede, Laboratory for Nutrition Research, Copenhagen, Denmark, Feb. 7, 1920.
 from EVU News, Issue 1, 1996 

As I have already pointed out the blockade placed the people of Denmark in a very serious situation. We had been importing more than half of our bread cereals and a very considerable amount of corn and oil cakes for the use of domestic animals. While Denmark had only half as large a supply of rye and potatoes per capita as Germany. Denmark had proportionately twice as many domestic animals. The reason for this advantageous state of affairs was that the committee which had charge of proportioning the crops between man and animals (April 4. 1917) was converted to the newer ideas on nutrition.
  1. No attention was paid to the protein minimum: it was held that this minimum was so low for man that it could not be reached, provided sufficient calories were furnished.
  2. While fat was regarded as a very valuable addition to the dietary, it was not considered as being necessary.
  3. Bran was considered to be a very valuable food, one which was well digested by man.

Food Combining and effects on digestion

Food combining 

The combination of foods is a way of eating that allows us to easier digestion and a minimum of digestive conflict. It works like this: All the food take a while to digest. Eating similar foods with similar digestive time help the body digest food more easily, it is said that these foods combine well. For example, watermelon takes about an hour to digest; almonds can take five hours. Because of this is not a good idea to eat watermelon and almonds to the same meal, this is a poor combination. Eating too many meals in this way can cause constipation (constipation), causing bloating and gas that can lead to more serious situations. 
As there are different types of raw food, each with their different digestive time, your body will have to work harder to digest foods with poor combinations. Ideally, you want your body to spend the least amount of energy needed in the digestion for the same reason it is important to combine your foods properly. In general, it helps to eat  liquid foods with other liquid foods and dense foods  with  other dense foods. 

Eating sequentially 

According to Dr. Stanley Bass another wise way to consume food is eating sequentially. Sequentially is like  food combining, but instead of combinations,  consuming one type of food at a time, while still respecting the order of easily digested foods first and last in the denser foods. Also called "eating through layers" (see fig. 1).
Consuming a food at a time ensures greater ease of digestion possible. A group of research scientists at Columbia University found evidence that a meal is digested in the exact order that is taken, one food group at a time, regardless of their complexity or quantity. 

Acid Alkaline Balance

In this first post we are going to talk about the Acid Alkaline Balance something very important for those trying to understand the reason behind eating raw foods.

70% of our body is water, 55% of this liquid is found in cells, 5% in the blood and 10% in the surrounding liquid.

Acid Alkaline Balance

To maintain life we ​​need a good Acid Alkaline Balance. The normal pH of blood is 7.4. If it gets down to 6.95, we can die, as the heart relaxes and stops beating. If it rises to 7.7, can cause seizures and other disorders. Viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc., thrive in acidic media. There is less oxygen and energy in the body decreases.

The excess acid (hyperacidity) comes from our lifestyle that causes stress and acid-producing foods .

Acidic foods are rich in:
sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine and iodine

Alkaline foods are rich in:
sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron

Welcome to Raw in Copenhagen!

Welcome to Raw Copenhagen!

My name is Luís Guerreiro

I am from Portugal but I live now in Copenhagen.

I am a Raw Living Foods Consultant with 8 years of experience.

In Denmark I intend to carry on working with Living Raw Foods and promote this style of Vibrant Life.