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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Riz Raz

Yesterday Went to have lunch in Riz Raz Steaks 'N' Veggies.

From what I heard it use to be a vegetarian restaurant but they changed it  and now serve meat on request together with the veggie buffet.

The buffet included many kinds of raw veggies and different cooked Mediterranean Style dishes  and sauces,aubergines, hummus, tahine, tzatziki,pesto,lasagne ,moussaka, spinach sauce, chillies, pasta, pizza, falaffel, bulgur, chickpeas and rice and homemade bread are some of the choices for vegetarians.

If you want to eat only raw you can still prepare a nice dish too.

You can eat as much as you  want from the buffet for less then 80 DKK and the food is fresh and tasty. Good place for those who are looking for a lot of food at a cheap price and where vegetarians and not so veg can share a nice meal.

St. Kannikestræde 19