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Monday, May 16, 2011

Dr. Oz - Forks Over Knives

Dr. Oz about the documentary "Forks over Knives" explaining the importance of food (plant base diet) to cure most of our deadly diseases.

Cut out all animal products and replace it with plant based food.

In 5 days only, people had fantastic results trying this change of food.

Below some extra videos with Dr. Neal Barnard emphasizing the importance of a plant food diet to reverse diseases like Cholesterol, Hearth Disease and so on...

A Plant Based diet Burns Calories 16% Faster for Three Hours After Each Meal

Dr. Neal Barnard Part 1

Fat inside the muscles cells interfere with glucose absorption

-Lean Beef 29% Fat

-Chicken Breast 23% Fat
(without skin)

-Vegetables, Fruits, Beans, Grains 5-10% Fat

Exercise is also important but the diet is what will make big changes happening. Cholesterol wont  disappear with exercise only. And most diseases will need a change in diet to reverse. 

Dr. Neal Barnard Part 2

Type 2 diabetes means that insulin cant get glucose to get into the cell because cells are full of fat