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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Green Salad With Spirulina Pesto

Serving size:
Recipe Ingredients       Qty x Measure     
Arugula, raw 2.0  x  1/2 cup (10g)
Avocados, raw 1.0  x  1 cup, cubes (150g)
Basil, fresh 1.0  x  2 tbsp, chopped (5g)
Cauliflower, raw 1.0  x  1 cup (100g)
Cucumber, with peel, raw 1.0  x  1/2 cup slices (52g)
Garlic, raw 1.0  x  1 clove (3g)
Lettuce, raw 1.0  x  1 cup, shredded or chopped (55g)
Oil, olive 1.0  x  1 tsp (4g)
Olives, ripe 4.0  x   tbsp 
Seaweed, spirulina, raw
x  1 tsp
Seeds, sunflower seed kernels 0.5  x  1 ounce (16g)


Cut 1 avocado in cubes Cut Cauliflower in pieces Cut lettuce Mix all with olives and arugula Make a pesto with the sunflower seeds,basil, olive oil, salt, spirulina and garlic (u can make more quantity and save for later) Dress the salad with the pesto

The nutritional info provided below is not accurate but gives u an idea of the nutrients in this recipe.


  • A very good source of folate, great for pregnant women
  • 50% of your food should be green leafs!!! ...Chlorophyll (on a molecular level)is similar to your hemoglobin = blood transfusion... 
  • Rich in magnesium, copper, potassium, iron, etc
  • Full of vitamin C and K - Bone mineralization, Cell growth
  • B6 - Nervous system function, Red blood cell formation and function, Hormone function
Sources for nutritional data: